Uganda's Future President-Kivumbi Earnest Benjamin 2021

             President of United States of Africa 2027-2031

Now U Can Know Who Our Future First Lady is!

Princess Scovia Kivumbi

 Of all the Weakness a Man May Have, Of All The Strength of Character a Man May Poses, Rich or Poor Servant or Master; It's Love, the Love of a Woman. It's Love That Makes Men Hate Each Other, It's Love That Makes Men Fight Each Other and It's Love That Makes Them Love.

 Am Delighted to Introduce to You the Queen of My Heart, the Love of My Life- Our Nation & Continent's Future First Lady. Oh My God this lady is everything to Me! She's one Cool, Intelligent, Gorgeous, Humble and Most Caring Person I have Ever Seen, Her Name is " Miss Right"

Love over demands mutual vulnerability, the kind of vulnerability for which there is no insurance policy. those who cant take the risk of falling or staying in love should probably take the suffering and stay single. but with you i accept the risk and i need no mitigation measures. love you.

 love is a promise, love is a souvenir, once given never forgotten, never let it disappear.

 a man has only one escape from his old self: to see a different self in the mirror of some woman's eyes.

 "To love is a beautiful, mysterious event; do not miss it.

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The Most Reverend Leonardo Marin Saavedra


Primate Archbishop of IAL./ President of The Global Education Connection of Canada.

/Canada Representative of Red Mundial de Escritores. The Most Reverend Leonardo Marin Saavedra will be Visiting Africa in September 2012. I Have invited Him and As Part of Arrangements for His Coming I would Like Men and Women to Volunteer or be Part of this Arrangement. Contact us on +256702137566, + 1 (647) [email protected] [email protected] also visit our website

Remember His Focus/lectures is on world peace , food, help and support .

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