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Kingdom Fm Kivumbi Key Statements Talkshow

Posted by Kivumbi Earnest Benjamin on July 11, 2013 at 2:25 AM

On Sunday 07/07/13 after a VIP dinner at Kawempe Worship Centre with senior citizens in the country including religious and political leaders organized by Pastor Kawesa Stephen of Yesu Akwagala Ministries handing over mantle after 40 years of ministry, young politician Kivumbi Earnest Benjamin aged 24 maneuvered in the traffic jam and behold he joined journalists for a 3 hours political talk show known as Entebbe e’woma (sweat seat) ironically hot-too hot that this time fire spat!

The following are some of the key note statements of Ex Kampala Central MP Aspirant & Former Deputy Spokesman/National Coordinator of People’s Development Party (PDP) now in NRM.

“I Congratulate Bishop David Kiganda upon his wedding to Cindy a Zimbabwean national, I attended the wedding both at Church & Reception at Speke Resort Munyonyo-it was colorful. ” Bishop Kiganda owns Kingdom fm.

“I don’t want to talk about Dr Abed Bwanika or PDP, all I know is that Africa and Uganda needs vigilant young blood like me who assess the political climate and can spear head fundamental changes in the political arena for the benefit of the future of this nation and continent and I Kivumbi identify myself with such a generation that’s why I crossed to NRM and didn’t do it for money because I’ve never got any as many of you allege.” Kivumbi responding to questions of political prostitution.

“The fire outbreak at the Northern by pass was a normal accident as such does happen always and people collect fuel and fire doesn’t kill them, this was unfortunate and I thank the president who donated to the victims 5 million each- in fact fire has just gutted a US State killing more than 19 fire fighters.” Kivumbi responds to DP discussant who said government was careless and had thought it was Gen Sejusa who had come to attack it.

“Sejusa is nothing and can’t do much, his agenda for the country is unknown apart from his personal issues with the president-where is his manifesto?” Kivumbi demystifies Sejusa moves.

“Edward Snowden should be given asylum here in Uganda for he is a defender of basic liberties, civil rights and privacy which United States preaches under democracy” Kivumbi defends his Snowden Uganda Asylum campaign.

“You have no evidence to pin President Museveni as behind the Lord’s Resistance Army-LRA Northern Uganda 20 year war, in fact you should restrain from inciting masses and creating hatred amongst the people.” Kivumbi attacks DP Discussant on Joseph Kony Issue.

“The Egyptian coup as personally I refer to it is unjustifiable, I agree with the journalist that Mohammad Morsi couldn’t fulfill and satisfy all Egyptians in one year, the army involvement in politics compromises democracy in Africa and is unnecessary. ” Kivumbi speaks on Egyptian Crisis that has claimed more than 50 people and left more than 60 women raped.

“Army representation in Parliament would be among solutions to coups since there grievances could be brought to Parliament but the president should desist from having Gen Aronda Nyakairima who has not resigned from army to be a Minister of Internal affairs, the constitution is clear on this Mr. President.” Kivumbi passes loud, clear & direct massage to President Museveni over Aronda appointment.

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